it’s fucked up enough for a journalist—wearing a kevlar vest clearly labeled press—to be shot in the head. but then to have the forces that killed her raid her funeral & beat everyone from the crowd to the pallbearers is straight ghoulish. who would do such a thing other than the idf?

—i mean, the united states, but still—

this is an interesting case because shireen abu akleh was palestinian-american. though there are different circumstances between her death & the assassination of jamal khashoggi in 2018, they were both american citizens who died at the hands of a controversial ally of the united states in the middle east.

even though the crown prince approved khashoggi’s murder, the biden administration still sold saudi arabia $650 million in weapons to continue their u.s.-backed war with yemen. similarly, israel bought $735 million in arms while usually receiving favorable headlines in american media though their actions are actually quite horrific.

who knows what the american response will be to this, but i’d imagine all will be forgiven by the next time israel walks into a meeting with the defense department holding a blank check.