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spent some substantial time in the studio today getting songs prepared for recording the yesteryear ep. this is one of the oldest on the album, written in the south of france in 2018. while the feelings behind it are true, i was also watching my favorite movie a lot then so i incorporated marianne & crazy pierrot into it as well.

this is audio from a video that was meant to be an instagram live-stream, but the video on my phone cut out though the track still recorded. lyrics are below.

Hold my hand darling while we walk along the river & stand by that chateau as king & queen. I have made some mistakes for which the price has to be paid, but while i can for you i will sing.

O to be you & see the world as you do from the other side of the moon. But when I reach back for your hand, you’ve disappeared again to the other side of the moon.

Was your path a misprint? Was it hard for your sister? Did anybody truly understand? Well I’ve left some bridges burning when the tables began turning, but here with you I don’t regret a thing.

O to be you & see the world as you do from the other side of the moon. Time and time again we start things just to end up on the other side of the moon.

So won’t you be my Marianne and I will be your fool on the other side of the moon? On the other side of the moon.

Colin Smith (b. 1982) works in a form of assembly within and across disciplines, both in digital and analogue formats. Following in the ideas of media theorist Marshall McLuhan, the medium of his work is often dictated by its message—the diversity of projects that result are each an attempt to represent a particular thesis, a certain context.

Educated in graphic design and photojournalism, and self-taught in the visual arts, Smith has additionally worked as an art director, freelance designer or creative consultant for a variety of small businesses and independent clients around the world.

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