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“Stay At Home Orders”

los angeles is a completely surreal place to be right now, which i think is the only thing keeping me sane in my decision to just randomly move here during a global pandemic. this place does feel very much like it has a little bit of everything in terms of what is happening in the nation these days; was roaming around venice this week to couples recording tiktok videos, trump supporting q-anon types dead-eyed zombie-walking, and an overall 50/50 mask-wearing ratio during this stay at home order / massive spike.

it’s one of those things where if you juxtaposed just five years ago with today, the differences would be quite staggering, but we’re all just lobsters beginning to feel the water boil.



Colin Smith is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. His assembly-based work focuses on human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.