i don’t often read the news, because when i do it seems every headline states something like, the cost of childcare is about to explode. reading the details makes it all even more depressing—

Because the gap left by pandemic funding is so significant, fee increases cannot be small. They stand to hit both urban centers and rural areas. The New York Times reported the director of a center in Millcreek, Utah, had already increased monthly tuition for a 2-year-old by $85 and “will probably raise it [to] above $1,000.” The 19th noted that rates at a center in Nampa, Idaho, “are rising by nearly $200 a month for infant care, and already families are leaving.”

it just reminds me of last summer when the state ended the child tax credit—something that reduced child poverty by 30%. now politicians seem really eager to cut funding for more programs that help children, yet are all for continuing $76 billion in funding for a war we aren’t involved in.

every time i read the news, i feel like this country is wile e. coyote—chasing the road runner and facing off with gravity—and we’ve long since run off the cliff, and now we’re just trying to not look down.