in my undergraduate studies, i had a class where an entire semester was spent trying to definitively answer the question, what is art?, as if there was a universal answer—yet, i still understood the reason behind asking it. these days, however, in the face of machine learning and the digital environment, i tend to ask myself something a bit more specific: what is the point of art?

i see art as the result of humanity passing inspiration down through time. our lifetimes are trapped in spans of days, months, years; our art must face up to the moments and circumstances we experience within. creativity is as much a response to the external world as it is the individual soul. the point becomes a parallel to life itself—finding a balance between being a person and a part of the world at large.

and so my practice is both a meditation and communication. i work across disciplines because sometimes an idea is more suited for sound than it is paint, and i drift between styles because sometimes abstraction is more effective than realism. i write in all caps but type in all lowercase because sometimes that’s just how it goes. welcome to my little corner of the internet, thank you for visiting.

—cs, december 2023