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Snapshots (2012-2022)

Photography series.
Images made with a cameraphone.

This is a gallery of rotating images. Last updated February 2022.

Photography has probably seen one of the greatest shifts in culture over the past 20 years, as the cameraphone has changed how photographs are incorporated into everything from the most basic, functional communications to wildly unnecessary pre-meal routines of documentation that holds the same presence as prayer. (Out with a visiting group of friends recently, one 15 years younger than me, pulled out her cell as brunch was served, looked up at me and stated flatly, "What? The phone eats first." I almost spit my drink out.)

It begs the question, how does a camera change a photograph? What measure does the convenience by which a photograph is made stand against its actual content?

Like my other photography work, I approach these as they feel appropriate for the medium: images that depict a specific moment in time, reminiscent of journalism; yet still somehow too personal to be news, for they come from the utility that is socially associated with the modern individual. These are as much a portrait of how I see the world as they tell a story about my experiences passing through it.