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Echoes (2015-2019)

Mixed media / painting series.
Various mediums on board and canvas.

This is a rotating portfolio of works from a five-year archive.
Last updated August, 2021.

Originally, Echoes was a statement for a 2016 exhibition, an abridged version of which follows:

An echo is defined as the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped. This is not incorrect, but it doesn't seem as correct as it could be.

An echo is a fascinating sound because each reverberation is a unique collection of vibrations, defined by but still individual from what preceded it. Their presence is finite but inconsistent, with a future that guarantees only an ending.

Now, I find the sentiment of the concept to be more accurate as a five-year archive; work that is still meaningful to me, yet a degree is certainly sentimental and what remains of the feeling is not nearly as clear to me as what it once was. In many ways, these are simply works that represent a period I have artistically moved on from.