static prevails
killing time
unbound and untetherd
chroma tract
fake flowers last forever
my favorite color
about america

Visual Art

Persona Non Grata (*2023)

A series of paintings centered around portraits of myself and people I’ve known over the years.

Chroma Tract (2023)

An oil-and-pencil experiment in color field washes and the structure of beauty.

Static Prevails (2023)

Considering the medium as the message in the form of white noise oil paintings.

Reconciliations (2021)

A small collections of paintings made for others during the mid-pandemic tumult and panic.

Fake Flowers Last Forever (*2020)

An ongoing series of paintings which explore the parallels life and beauty and death and decay.

A Glow In The Static (2020)

Digital collages created in the early days of the pandemic amidst news without information.

Standing Still In A Storm (*2015)

A meditative practice of using parallel lines to detach from anxiety in times of extreme stress.

First Friday (2016-2019)

Promotional poster series designed each month for an artist-run showcase.


About America (2012-2021)

Film-based street photography from a decade of travelling around the United States.

eighty (2012-2019)

Rotating select images from an extensive archive of international street photography.

My Favorite Color (2012-2019)

Black and white has always been my preferred film for street photos; this is a gallery of color selects.

Snapshots (*2012)

A rotating selection of daily images captured by a smartphone that range in content and location.

Laundromat Zen (2009-2012)

Black and white has always been my preferred film for street photos; this is a gallery of color selects.

No Heroes On My Radio (2007-2017)

Various images from a ten-year span of photographing punk shows and other concerts.


Gap Year Book Club (2021-2022)

Eight books created and published over the course of one calendar year; links to all individual titles can be found on this page.

Volume Three (2019)

Every so often I release a summary of work under the Distorted Perspective masthead as an art book; this, the third, constitutes 2012-2019.


asterisk (*2015)

Music based in random collaboration, recorded improvisation, and proper compositions.

ad lucem (*2023)

A two-piece guitar/synth act focused on drones, extensive builds, and resonant energy.