It’s quite funny when it rains in Los Angeles because nobody knows how to dress or drive for it, and those are things that otherwise Angelenos pride themselves on. It’s not a downpour but certainly more than a drizzle—it’s just what any other part of the country would consider an average rainfall, and yet it’s like hell has broken loose.

I saw one car doing at least 40mph down my relatively calm, residential street. Saw a person wearing a heavy coat under a full-body see-through rainjacket and then an umbrella. Every few minutes there’s a new set of sirens wailing in the distance. It’s just madness.

So many people who live in LA aren’t actually from here, and I have to wonder, did none of them come from a place that has a climate which includes rain? Like, sure, I have spent enough time in Portland and Southeast Alaska that this type of weather doesn’t phase me much—I wore a hat and a heavy shirt out today—but to see so many grown-ass adults absolutely incapable of dealing with weather is fucking wild. It’d be hilarious if it also wasn’t so dangerous.