a light rain in LA

when i lived in portland, it was easy to tell who was a california transplant: they were the ones using umbrellas in a light rain. i would ceaselessly mock these individuals. everyone else would just put on a flannel over their hoodie & stand back-to-the-wind while chain smoking.

now being in LA, i realize it’s so much worse. on top of the umbrellas, my street is covered in dog shit because nobody will spend the extra time to lean over and pick it up. people walk around in full-on north face winter puffy coats and weather-ready boots. cars, for some reason, drive at even more reckless speeds (it rained last week & i saw a bmw speeding down my street in reverse). it’s completely backwards.

perhaps i was wrong about californians before. when first i thought they were just sensitive to any weather not sunshine, they’re actually just fucking insane.