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Sometimes a journal, sometimes a sketchbook, sometimes improperly punctuated rants about the government.


Personal artist statement, exhibition listing and more.

For Sale

Hosted externally at Bandcamp, a place to buy books, stickers, patches, and other creations.


Gap Year Book Club (2021-2022)

A year-long project (Jan. 2021-Jan. 2022) of publishing a collection of books as a reaction to everything that happened in my life between 2018 & 2022.

Sunsets (2022)

An autobiography of sorts—recounting blurred memories of dark subjects between 2015 & 2021 that ended up with me surviving through psych centers and psych facilities.


A work about time, context, and the shifting nature of a digital society on a changing internet.

Mayday (2021)

A book created within the 24 hours of May 1, concentrating on emergencies and the growing industry of coping mechanisms.

Negative Space (2021)

A handmade single edition piece about living with perpetual motion, loss and instability.

Unbound & Untethered (Keep It Together) (2021)

Literally a book with no binding, comprised of loose pages and signatures cut from random paintings, sketchbooks and recent illustrations.

Reprise, Reprise! (2021)

A work about transitions in a time without time—what is change when these multiples exist simultaneously?

Have Fun Doing Nothing (2021)

A 36-page reflection on the stress felt during the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, plus my first short fiction in years.

The Devil You Know (2021)

The first release from the Gap Year Book Club is a self-portrait of life until a moment it feels past.

Volume Three (2019)

Every so often I release a summary of work under the Distorted Perspective masthead as an art book; this, the third, constitutes 2012-2019.

False Positive (2016)

An experiment of mixing projects—You Were Looking Away and the Dissonance Polaroids—and a reduced set of poems for content.

Issue One (2020)

A new iteration of the Distorted Perspective masthead returns as a zine—this project evolved into the Gap Year Book Club, yet the single issue remains.

Out of Mind (2015)

A meditation on the individual and the mind that comes with being one, this was as much a project about the format of the book as it was the content.

The New Fiend (2012-2014)

A digital magazine made to antagonize magazine culture at the time co-published with photographer Brenton Salo.

Visual Art

Complications (2022)

A visual thesis of varying work centered around observations & experiences over my first nine months of sobriety.

Reconciliations (2021)

These few paintings, made for others, were my only successful attempts at connecting to anything artistically during a year of falling apart.

A Glow In The Static (2020)

Digital collage poster series born at the outset of the pandemic, taking in an endless stream of non-information about subjects the media didn’t know about.

Valence (2017-2018)

Large-scale assemblies exploring the fundamental ideas of the invisible energy that bonds us all.

Fake Flowers Last Forever (2020-2021)

A giant emotional mess of a project that basically has become a variety of ways to aesthetically destroy scenes of flower fields.

Next Comes The Flood (2018-2019)

A 12-page single-edition book of hand-painted black rectangles in an examination of the subtle differences in darkness.

Standing Still In A Storm (2015-2022)

Over the years, I’ve found my personal place of zen rests in obsessively making parallel lines—for 2022, it’s become a more focused series on the random consistency of chaos & balance.

Echoes (2015-2019)

A collection of works that look to past ideas & ‘art school theory’ as inertia for experimenting with familiar mediums in new ways.

First Friday (2016-2019)

A gallery of posters advertising DIY art shows at warehouse spaces in Portland; often designed the day before the show, and posted the morning of.

Kill The Precedent (2017-2021)

Part of a larger project, this is a gallery of unapologetic sociopolitical propaganda.

part ii (2018)

A series of sketchbooks drawn over the course of six months, intensely concentrating on the various factors in my life that had seemed to change my relationship with art.

Nothing Here Can Kill You (2016)

The idea of art as a threat, or what pictures on paper are dangerous versus which ones aren’t, can be a real head trip.


80 (2012-2019)

Film-based street photos from locations outside of the United States. This gallery rotates images from a growing collection bi-annually. Updated Feb. 2022.

About America (2012-2019)

Film-based street photos from around the USA. Made in both settings of travel and everyday life, this is a rotating gallery of images. Updated May 2022.

My Favorite Color (2012-2022)

While I tend to shoot black and white in my life & on the road, I’ve always kept a roll of color close. This gallery is a result of those random rolls.

Snapshots (2012-2022)

A rotating selection of daily images captured by a smartphone that range in content and location. Updated May 2022.

Street Rip City (2012-2022)

A selection of photographs from an archive of film taken while living in Portland, Oregon for seven years. Updated May 2022.

No Heroes On My Radio (2007-2015)

A rotating selection of digital stills made from photographing punk shows around the United States for the better part of a decade. Updated Feb. 2022.

… you were looking away (2015-2017)

As technology increasingly controls photography, this analogue series uses what digital defines as a ‘weakness’ to create the shifting aesthetic of the photos.

The Dissonance Polaroids (2015-2017)

An instant film-based series using the potential saturation of the format to create abstract color fields in each exposure.

Laundromat Zen (2009-2012)

A personal photo series exploring the strange, lonely spaces of empty public laundromats in San Francisco.

A Heart Floats In The Bay (2009-2013)

Digital stills from daily life while living in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.

Audio & Video


A sound-art project / ‘band’ born from impromptu live performances over a series of First Friday events. Full discography is available on Bandcamp.


Coming soon.