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The Devil You Know (2021)

36 pages on #60 white & #50 natural stock.
24 full-color, 12 black & white. A5.
Single edition of 50 printed by Conveyor Studio.
Released as part of Gap Year Book Club.

Purchase at the store for $17ppd with PayPal.

The Devil You Know, along with Have Fun Doing Nothing and Reprise, Reprise, is a self-portrait in book form to begin 2021.

As an individual work, it is a return to form for me. It acts as both a point of reconnecting to familiar crafts of digital assembly and publication, as well as collecting a variety of work made over one of the more difficult periods of my life. It represents not a release of anxiety, but a confrontation with the recent history of my self.

As an aspect of a self-portrait, a predominant theme of this work is the juxtaposition of the self and society when both are facing troubled times but whose troubles do not align; the idea of concern and its need for balance can exist on multiple levels.