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Out of Mind (2015)

160 pages on #60 ultra-white paper.
Full-color. 5.5 x 7.25 inches.

Single edition of 100 printed by Conveyor Studio. Each copy was then altered by hand, given a unique front and back cover and various added content to interior pages.

A few copies still available at the store. $28 ppd.

Marshall McLuhan had plenty to say about the potential for an interconnected world. Information no longer is constricted to the linear nature of time the way it once was; the way we, as people, still are. As much freedom as the internet promises, we cannot break free of our own restrictions as human beings. As artificial intelligence becomes more real, how will this factor in to personal identity?

The medium is the message is a thesis that McLuhan held, and to which this project is based on. Though this book shares a core 160 pages, each individual copy of 100 has been manipulated in one way or another from front cover to back. Each is an individual slightly different than the next, but still part of a cohesive whole. Each is its own work of art, yet seems more like a copy when presented as a large group.

Out of Mind is an examination of the individual, of solitude and identity, at the micro and macro. It is a project meant to be seen as a whole, all the many similar-yet-different pages lost among each other, with only slightly different details to offer any individual observer. The more sensory aspects of attraction determine which copy a person may or may not choose, and the completed whole will adjust the bias of the viewer. In many ways, Out of Mind is meant to be a metaphor for our human experience in a social system.