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False Positive (2016)

36 pages on variations of #60 white paper. 9 x 6.5 inches.
24 black & white pages, 12 full-color.

Single edition of 30 printed by Conveyor Studio.
Sold out.

Building on themes from concurrent projects, False Positive is a deconstruction of language from both the visual and written approach. Using photographs made under concepts of technical or visual disruption, the written aspect is predominantly illegible and otherwise nonlinear. A narrative exists yet it weaves in and out of visibility through any means possible.

This book is a short yet active attempt at creating a portrait of our current point in history. There is plenty of visual activity and written information to pay attention to, but the threads which relate it all may not be fully apparent and the overall impression can feel disorienting more than stable, as if we are all trapped in an unknown narrative.