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Fake Flowers Last Forever (2019-2021)

Mixed media series.
Oil & acrylic-base paintings on both canvas & board; Digital & ink illustrations on screen & paper. Varying sizes.

When I set out with this series—originally a mundane experiment in oil painting technique—the circumstances of my life were pretty great. I had chosen to paint flowers, after all; things couldn't be too bad.

Two months into the process the situation changed with a devastating break-up while living through a cold winter in a Portland warehouse with no heat. I stopped painting flowers realistically, from life, and began contemplating the entire nature of flowers as a human fascination.

A bouquet of 'real' flowers is an armful of death, yet our society still appreciates them far more than a fake flower; something that could maintain beauty forever, but lack the authenticity provided by limited time. Somewhere in all that was a metaphor for what I was working on, but I never did write it down.