Project Index

Note: Galleries rotate in terms of available viewing. Reasons can include adding new content, curating from an archive, or retiring older work.

Visual Art

Reconciliations (2021)

A small collections of paintings made for others during the mid-pandemic tumult and panic.

A Glow In The Static (2020)

Digital collages created in the early days of the pandemic amidst news that seemed to not provide any information.

Fake Flowers Last Forever (*2020)

An ongoing series of paintings which explore the parallels life and beauty and death and decay.

Standing Still In A Storm (*2015)

A meditative practice of using parallel lines to detach from anxiety in times of extreme stress.

Next Comes The Flood (2019)

A 12-page single-edition book of hand-painted black rectangles in an examination of the subtle differences in darkness.

Valence (2017-2018)

Large-scale assemblies exploring the fundamental ideas of the invisible energy that bonds us all.

Kill The Precedent (2017-2021)

Unapologetic anticapitalist propaganda. We all have our politics.

part ii (2018)

Excerpts from a series of sketchbooks concentrating on the various factors in my life that had seemed to change my relationship with art.

First Friday (2016-2019)

Promotional posters designed to promote the monthly DIY art shows in Portland that my friends and I co-produced.

Nothing Here Can Kill You (2016)

The idea of art as a threat, or what pictures on paper are dangerous versus which ones aren’t, can be a real head trip.


About America (2012-2021)

Film-based street photography from a decade of travelling around the United States.

80 (2012-2019)

Rotating select images from an extensive archive of international street photography.

My Favorite Color (2012-2019)

Black and white has always been my preferred film for street photos; this is a gallery of color selects.

Snapshots (*2012)

A rotating selection of daily images captured by a smartphone that range in content and location.

Street Rip City (2012-2019)

Portland, Oregon is the one city I’ve resided in long enough to consider a version of ‘home.’ These are black and white photos from its streets.

No Heroes On My Radio (2005-2015)

Punk shows were my introduction to photography as a practice—these are rotating selects from hundreds of shows photographed over a ten-year span.

… you were looking away (2015-2017)

Sick of the ‘perfection’ digital cameras were mainstreaming, I began to use the manual mechanics of film cameras against the idea of capturing such images.

The Dissonance Polaroids (2015-2017)

An instant film-based series using the potential saturation of the format to create abstract color fields in each exposure.

Laundromat Zen (2009-2012)

A personal photo series exploring the strange, lonely spaces of empty public laundromats in San Francisco.

A Heart Floats In The Bay (2009-2012)

Digital stills from daily life while living in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.


Gap Year Book Club (2021-2022)

Eight books created and published over the course of one calendar year; links to all individual titles can be found on this page.

Volume Three (2019)

Every so often I release a summary of work under the Distorted Perspective masthead as an art book; this, the third, constitutes 2012-2019.

Issue One (2020)

Intended as a zine in a project that became Gap Year Book Club, this debut issue remains.

False Positive (2016)

An early experiment utilizng abstract photography and semi-legible poetry in a limited-run book about the weight of loss.

Out of Mind (2015)

A meditation on the individual and the mind that comes with being one, this was as much a project about the format of the book as it was the content.

Sound Art

Asterisk (*2016)

A loop-based sound project of guitar swells and piano meditations born from random collaborations at First Friday shows.

Tetrahedron (2016-2018)

Birthed in the dark and cold warehouses of southeast Portland in winter-time, Tetrahedron was a three-guitar distortion blizzard.