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these days all feel like limbo

we’re in a strange, late-stage Emperor Has No Clothes moment, but it’s basically about the media. all of these absurd stories about billionaires in space and tent cities on the ground yet nothing about how we do anything—include reporting the news—has changed.

i tend to think the media is so relieved trump is gone that they just don’t give a shit about anything else, including the fact that acting like he never existed has only provided the last nail in the coffin for a completely failed state of journalism in america.

people in the united states have convinced themselves that living in a competition for roles to support this terrible machine is the way our society should move forward. i can’t imagine having a kid in this country now, the way our culture is built to thwart imagination and control creativity.

reporters by trade aren’t supposed to show emotion, but like, we’re literally telling one another, repeatedly, that we’re all about to die, completely deadpan. that’s some actually funny shit.


this project was never meant to stay dead, however i didn’t want to keep something alive that had no direction. i hate writing obsessively about media & politics on a personal space, and so i’ve begun to create new spaces to publish at

the most frustrating thing about this moment in time is how the USA is so supersaturated with the worst combinations of misery & opportunism that it’s so difficult to try and create anything that may be hopeful—much less share that on a platform like the internet.

perhaps that was the goal all along, with the technology being so obviously full of potential to re-structure the concept of global power, that the internet needed to accelerate through phases until it became a cesspool of disinformation & junk

either way, these days feel like a frustrated calm before an inevitable storm.

i have no clue what to do. art is either meaningless or a commodity at this point—this feeling of purposelessness is rampant & it won’t take much of a wind in the wrong direction to turn everything bad fast.

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i took these screenshots hours apart on sunday and their juxtaposition just

what world is this


Colin Smith is an artist and art director based in Los Angeles. His interdisciplinary practice focuses on methods of assembly to represent human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.

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