—rumors of my demise have only been slightly exaggerated—

Though the word carries a certain social stigma, the idea of ‘drama’ is as fascinating as it is tragic.

When fear or pain is so internally overwhelming that a person can struggle to process it—that there is an additional external component to consider, the potential of feeling shame for simply attempting to express it … it becomes a complex maze of paranoia and alienation, and quickly heads toward an outward action that simply is an attempt to ostensibly balance internal paralysis.

It’s been a rough few days, weeks, months. Years. There have been times where it felt like a gravitational pull, or at least a light ahead, was directing my stride. Now everything is thick and gray—a sullen fog ahead, a sickly field of ash behind.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, something I’ve been told I’ve had a flair for in the past.