it’s been a rough couple of weeks. it’s tough to laugh at the world these days. at some point it went from being absurdly stupid to just regular stupid; there’s no way to find anything humorous about the dumb moves made by politicians or celebrities or wannabe influencers. it’s all just picard holding his head.

i think it’s mostly that since biden was inaugurated, the media has gone back to business as usual. imagine if rudy giuliani had decided to face off china with a trip to taiwan during the last administration? every news outlet in the states would be declaring the end of the world. that was the one good thing about trump: the media went back to concerning themselves with the weight of political decisions instead of holding on to notions of partisan paychecks.

when entertainment is treated as gospel & politics as theater—all while capitalists continue to cash in on the last of the resources the world has to offer—society is kind of at a breaking point. there’s no place left to find any humor in any system & meanwhile they continue to encroach on every aspect of life. it’s like all of this is just those in power playing out ideas on how to end the will to live in the most people as soon as possible.