Turn around, turn to me. Maybe you’re the one who’s overrated. This painted town is blinding me, silver shock in its glow.

Trust the moving colors, trust the random actions. This normal life, it’s not so simple. Gate our conversation from their armored rumors. This normal life is not so simple.

Predatory profiling is causing me to change shape. Form their own illusions, form of metamorphosing. It’s escaping me to keep it in. Let it all fall simple, let the color wash away.

Your motor sensors let them in to stimulate the movements. This time it’s not your timing, this time it’s not your timing. Flash forms of skin and ink are marvels of the new world. This time it’s not your timing.

after emo started becoming a mainstream word, elliott was one of those bands that separated those who knew the genre as it was from those who were more interested in trying to impress girls by singing dashboard confessional lyrics at them. false cathedrals is a absolute pinnacle album that defined the early 2000s, and though chris higdon took his powerhouse voice to go on to play in frontier(s), nothing could really replace the magic of elliott. like all the great bands who put out timeless music of that moment, elliott broke up far too soon—before i ever got to hear a word of it sung live.

now, for some fucking reason, elliott is getting back together after something like 18 years to play five random dates across the us & you can absolutely bet it took me zero seconds to buy a ticket to the show in west hollywood & if they play “lie close,” i will most certainly lose my shit. i never got to see them & have been waiting 23 years now for just this chance. talk about some decent news for a friday afternoon.