disney & its subsidiary in marvel studios are responsible for some truly vile decisions in their efforts to project ‘heroic’ storytelling. for a long time, my favorite was the fact the initial script of iron man was supposed to see tony stark as anti-war until they gave the pentagon a pass at the script—leading in to 20 more films of basically non-stop military propaganda.

to top that, in their first big post-avengers release, the eternals made a black, gay man inherently responsible for one of the worst crimes against humanity ever perpetrated (apparently alleviating the us dod of any wrongdoing) in the atomic bombings of hiroshima & nagasaki. i hope the bag of gold brian grabbed for this is hefty enough to ease the conscience of selling out two of america’s most-historically-oppressed groups in one fell swoop.

and now, this. while i’d imagine actors are contractually obliged to promote marvel movies, i can’t imagine that contract holds up once they’re fucking dead. like, what poor intern has to log into chadwick boseman’s account—nearly two years after he died—to post a movie trailer that can be viewed literally across the internet? how is this sane? how is this human?

i don’t think anyone would ever side with ‘hollywood’ on having a conscience, but disney & marvel are lauded by a disturbing amount of people who don’t seem to see, or care about, the grotesque ways these movie ‘heroes’—much less the studios that produce them—are more like real-life villains. these acts would only be sinister if the movies weren’t also considered some pillar of modern entertainment, but maybe in that respect they’re at least true: lying, manipulating, and otherwise rewriting history in order to issue some facade of exceptionalism is nothing if not american.