economic issues under capitalism always make me chuckle. for one, the economy & everything about it is made up, held together by a social contract above all else. two, the news gets all these people to talk about numbers & percentages as if they couldn’t just say, ‘the rich have been greedier while wage stagnation remains & the cost of living has soared.’ and three, there will be far, far more attention paid to estimated or potential outcomes of a recession—all speculative—than there will be to the hard science backing the horrific future we actually face dealing with the climate crisis. it’s like, sure, maybe your home equity is going under a bit right now, but just wait until the ground your house is built on is literally burning & see what happens.

the only people worth pitying in these situations are the immigrants & the poor who will inevitably be blamed for everything. we live in an economy of management & administration, so if a whole bunch of people who don’t actually work are about to lose their jobs, well, so be it. i don’t want hard times to befall people, but if this is the consequence of believing in american capitalism, i can’t say i feel bad for them, either.