the russo brothers think movie theaters are dumb, which is cool with me because those dipshits obviously lack any truly inspired cultural insight. (read any review of their latest, the gray man, as evidence.)

the movie theater has always been a magical place, and remains as such. to see a movie in a crowded theater on opening night is a favorite tradition i have going back to bad boys 2 in savannah, georgia. people were screaming at the screen & every explosion garnered raucous applause.

the stairs at amc burbank 16

this experience has, in some shape or form, happened multiple times since i’ve been seeing movies in la. with men, ambulance, the northman, scream, and now nope—which i caught a second screening of today—movies that hit the mark just have a way of bringing people together.

maybe it’s just that the russo brothers don’t make films, but rather calculated business decisions that end up as a summer action flick. personally, in this absolutely broken timeline of no future to imagine a better world in, the escapism brought on by a good movie can be everything. and to share that experience with others is nothing short of a miracle when everything around would have us believe society is one bad joke away from complete collapse.

anyway, i highly recommend nope. see it in a packed house.