as much as it seems everyone in a position of power would like us to believe the covid-19 pandemic isn’t still going on, much less ever started, here we are. it’s wild to me that despite the positive testing rate being nearly the same as the first surge, i never hear about covid on the news anymore. instead, there are a few always-updating stories that usually make me tell my radio to fuck off—

1. the january 6th hearings. i’d be more forgiving of congress’ attempt to make these prime-time theatrics ‘cool’ if they could literally do anything else. for them to have spent time & money to make this big drama out of the capitol riots, while also obviously pushing liberal-leaning media outlets to promote the events, it’s just an embarrassment. if they wanted this to be taken seriously, it shouldn’t get the same treatment of a season finale of survivor.

2. the war in ukraine. i get that it’s a proxy war. i get that liberals hate putin. i get that the reason ukraine is even remotely holding on is the billions & billions of cash & weapons we have just blindly sent over there. but in the few months this war has been going on, there has been more news coverage than the 20-year us invasion of afghanistan. meanwhile, all these massive military spending packages get barely a sentence of coverage as they sweep through both houses of congress.

there are others, such as the pundits who imagine grotesque scenarios women may have to deal with in a post-roe america instead of squaring some blame on the obama administration. there seems to be radio silence on anything regarding the unionization efforts at starbucks.

the news is just so obviously targeted toward maintaining a specific narrative that it makes journalists seem like out of touch people. that, or that the goal of liberal media is to completely gaslight those of us on the left who take the serious considerations of the moment with a need for immediate action, not traditional reporting.