a single week hasn’t gone by this year where i’ve not known someone infected with covid-19. more than that, the virus seems to be mutating again—in spring-time it seemed to only be affecting the vaccinated for a few days. more recently, people seem to be testing positive for close to three weeks. of course, i’m only going by what i hear from first-hand references since the news seems to be done with reporting on the pandemic (even as los angeles is close to returning to mask-mandate levels).

there are still headlines about covid, though, such as bosses stealing 75% of relief checks. this comes as no surprise to me, but still, holy shit:

But [the Payment Protection Program] was poorly targeted, as almost three-quarters of its benefits went to unintended recipients, including business owners, creditors and suppliers, rather than to workers. Due to differences in the typical incomes of those varied constituencies, it also ended up being quite regressive compared with other major COVID-19 relief programs, as it benefited high-income households much more.

for all the nobody wants to work anymore rhetoric, there are like eight examples of how those with money and/or power didn’t give a shit about those with less during the height of the pandemic. the only news reported now about the mass-death experience we all endured is how capitalizing on the tragedy was prioritized over human life. why would people want to work for these scumbags now?

it still strikes me as inhuman that the country watched a million people die without so much as an acknowledgment—much less a state initiative to try & heal our societal wounds. not only are politics irreconcilably divided, but our general concern for the well-being of one-another seems to be completely eroded. i have no doubt in my mind this is a result of the fact we sat isolated for two years & watched two administrations do the bare minimum to save the population while putting energy into saving the economy.

the worst part is this shit has not ended. covid is continuing to mutate & continuing to make people ill, but there’s no state protection if they need to stay home from work. the government has thrown in the towel in favor of keeping the economy running. this is the the most basic form of late-stage capitalism & somehow there are people too blind to see it—but really, i can’t blame them. i can’t blame the people turning a blind eye to the moment because they experienced such trauma since 2020 because of all this. they know everything is fucked & are trying every way possible to avoid the reminders.

me, i can’t look away. my therapist tells me i should try, that it’d be better for my mental health if i didn’t take on these constructs i am powerless over. i know she’s right, but it has never felt right to see injustice & ignore it. maybe there’s some middle ground, i don’t know.

one way or another, the variant of covid the people i know have right now is keeping them down longer—but they aren’t dying, so they’re just being added to the growing statistic of those who have to fend for themselves now & forever.