Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot by Gus Van Sant, 2018.

there remain two parts of me, one that is pulling the other through the steps of recovery & sobriety. there were minor inconveniences to my day, but all in all it was a good one—yet, still, i could find ways to describe the day iffy-at-best if i were to try. there were others that were simply demure in the soft glow of california, windows down & wheels spinning—the curves of the road, tight.

to finish it off, i gave this film a view, finally. van sant sure is strange when it comes stories that are true or topical (see: elephant), and this was no different. i think this made more sense to me than it would to someone who doesn’t deal with alcoholism, only in that it felt a little scattered. nevertheless, i’m always a sucker for a movie half-shot in portland. (this can be distracting, though, as i always look to figure out exactly where the filming locations were at.)