after the supreme court decision regarding roe v wade, a few companies began trending on social media—google, dick’s sporting goods, facebook. they were among the first of many to announce compensation to any employee who needed to travel for an abortion. for whatever reason, this was celebrated—when i read the news, a chill went up my spine.

there are very few kings & queens left in the world. while the united states seems inexplicably fascinated by the british monarchy, for all intents & purposes they’re a useless relic. the age of monarchs passed—now we have the age of politicians. like all power, this is not a permanent state.

neoliberal capitalism is quickly hurtling us all toward a new global power structure; that of the corporation & the ceo. it was the reality between the lines of the tpp that obama tried, and fortunately failed, to instate: companies existing above any law in any nation, accountable to no one.

every sign is pointing toward the decline & collapse of the american empire, but that won’t stop something like amazon from operating. any of the recent major events that affected the entire nation also had corporate responses. if disney is willing to pay an employee’s costs for an abortion now, you can bet in the future they’ll pay for relocation due to climate change.

while ultra-nationalism is gaining ground in the west, liberalism is allowing for corporate neo-feudalism to take hold. i wouldn’t be surprised if in the not-so-distant-future flags of nations & states will be replaced by those of brand names, where the school you attend & the job you get decides the entirety of your lifestyle—for they will be the ones providing it; not in the form of a paycheck, but an entire life.