the biden administration has really upped its game when it comes to trolling the people. i used to think that trump was the ultimate fuck you kinda president, but ol’ brandon is really pushing it to the max with this move—

The Biden administration plans to pay some diplomats and intelligence officers roughly $100,000 to $200,000 each to compensate for the mysterious health problems known as “Havana syndrome,” according to congressional aides and a former official familiar with the matter.

Despite six years of investigations, the United States still lacks certainty about what is causing the symptoms, which include headaches, vision problems, dizziness and brain fog, among other ailments. The health problems were first reported among U.S. diplomats and intelligence officers serving in Cuba’s capital but have since been reported on every continent except Antarctica.

it’s more than likely ‘havana syndrome’ is just code-word for a hangover that the state department uses. news reports have to use the phrase in quotes because nobody knows if it’s real. even the wiki entry begins by saying it’s an alleged illness. state department goons & cia agents are about to get a six-figure payout for pounding back too many shots of rum for a tuesday night while los angeles is nearly back to the point of mask mandates from the ongoing pandemic.

it’s not remotely worth trying to point out the litany of hypocrisies & failures of the biden administration, but if you compare campaign promises like this one to where we’re at now, the gulf between them is about wide enough to fit the complete ruins of an empire in decline.