this aired before the finals began & in burr’s first little three-minute rant about the nba playoffs, he’s 100% correct. in any given game it’s pretty easy to see what the league wants, making it nearly impossible to watch & enjoy professional basketball, something i very much enjoy watching.

the league’s primary goal is to draw out the series for ratings. get a series to a game seven & it’s a goldmine for ad buys. whoever wins the game today will be up 3-2, and the other team will likely get some favorable calls in game six. it’s glaringly obvious when the calls are made (or not made) to give an advantage to one side. refs may be human, but some ‘errors’ are self-evident.

it’s just one of those things where everything at a high-level seems rigged for no other reason than money. it’s certainly expected in business & mostly expected in politics. but it’s like, it’d be really nice for sports to not feel like the players are all marionettes. after all, they’re fucking games. games that children play. shouldn’t they be fun & exciting?

living through the collapse of an empire is hard enough on enjoying life, but when everything above a certain level feels orchestrated, the day-to-day experience just gets more bleak. yes, there are absolutely enjoyable sports & artists to enjoy at a local level, but these things are often what can bond communities past borders: trades of goods, teams competing. if it’s all just corruption and myopia, then this is literally all for naught.