i’d say the main difficulty about writing these days is there are only shards of reality that are halfway-decent right now. it feels like discussing the wallpaper while standing inside a burning building.

i am ten days into a thirty-day sprint to finish a batch of work i’ve been chipping away at for some time. a new series of oil paintings titled complications will cover the past nine months of various experiences & observations while maintaining sobriety—including valence x. a new ep titled yesteryear will feature songs written but never released between 2016-2020. some have been played live & others demo’d on soundcloud. the tracklist is—

  • How Do We Hope Now
  • One More Round
  • The Devil You Know (Is The One In Control)
  • The Pretty Ones Have Thorns
  • Mary (There There, Then & Now)
  • The Other Side Of The Moon

i’ll also be putting out parts iii & iv of the mammoth dreamscape soundclub, if there is enough time & painting goes as planned.

i hope to have this all online by the fourth of july so there will actually be something worth celebrating.