it’s too bad i was driving alone when this report aired today. the combination of me choking in laughter with a sense of sick disbelief, nearly veering into the right lane along sunset, would have probably been quite entertaining. i still can’t believe this is actually a real thing people care about—

Tomorrow night, in prime time, the [January 6 investigation] committee will launch a series of hearings to reveal its findings. Here’s committee member Adam Schiff:

“We’re going to use whatever resources we can to make the presentation as compelling as possible … It’s a pretty dramatic story and it has to be told in a dramatic way.”

somehow i still under-estimate the lengths the democratic party will go to in performing political theater above taking political action. a fucking prime-time televised spectacle for something that happened over a year ago while a gallon of gas costs above the federal minimum wage & there’s been an average of two mass-shootings a day over the past three weeks. what tone-deaf morons.

for all their squawking about how much of a ‘threat to democracy’ the events of january 6 held, never will a liberal call out wall street or the military-industrial complex with the same fervor. all of these institutions hold the same interests in preserving control over the people of the united states—and, by extension, the world—via gold & a gun.

—hilariously, in 2019 democrats pledged to bring an up-or-down vote on citizens united to the senate floor if they were to win the chamber. (another broken promise.) so now, this quote is just killing me—

Schumer added that “overturning Citizens United is probably more important than any other single thing we could do to preserve this great and grand democracy.”

i’ve never been a big fan of the media-mania that is being made of the january 6 riot as it’s basically become a giant showcase on how easy it would have been to topple the government. if i was some maga dipshit, this entire thing is a lesson in what went wrong & how to do it right next time. i’d call some sort of armed response to the 2024 election quite probable, and this all seems to be a guide on what to do to make it work then.

with the uvalde massacre, it seems like people are finally waking up to the complicity liberalism has in the authoritarian efforts of the far-right police state. the democrats create bullshit theatrics to distract from the horrific actions of the armed officers serving at home & abroad, so long as it keeps the money flowing upward. january 6 threatened an interruption to that balance & so it’s just the next thing to be an example made of—something to (mostly) keep the op-ed pages from discussing actual horror.