abandon tradition when it betrays you. mother nature heals the earth while our nature destroys one another at any expense. malice & treason can be anticipated once hope is abandoned. if we could be saved, do we really deserve it?

the basket-weaver has no need to study birds, a horse can only dream of the view from the clouds. we have invented our reasons to be suspicious of one another. transmissions are no different than sermons to an empty church. beggar is another word made up by the devil. the more she explained, the less i believed. how we all desire redemption—the best liars absorb that projection. we are carnivores, after all.

what do we owe one another? is it peace? is it grace? understanding? something more? something less? every person has a purpose & for some that is to be forgotten, for others to never be known. i can only listen to music in a minor key now.

a bleak sky. the sun & moon both offer a welcome fate. they seem so close as the planes descending into lax couldn’t be further away. since the cops swept echo park of the houseless, more of them have died than been placed in a living situation. there’s a billionaire developer on the ballot once again.