—listening to a re-cap of the primary voting in pennsylvania, specifically regarding john fetterman’s win

[Fetterman’s] opponent was Congressman Conor Lamb, who’s a moderate former Marine, the kind of Democrat that history tells us has the best chance of winning in Pennsylvania. But Democratic primary voters rejected that model.

And Democratic operatives I’ve talked to say they think Fetterman is the kind of modern candidate who can win because he has a very strong personal brand. He’s very recognizable. He’s 6-foot-9. He’s got a shaved head and a goatee and tattoos, and he wears hoodies and shorts to public events. And he has a huge following on social media. And he’s won statewide before. So Democrats think he might have a better chance to solve one of their most difficult problems, which is the collapse of support for Democrats among white working-class voters.

given most op-ed pieces i’ve seen about fetterman focus on his wardrobe, it makes me think that the liberal media doesn’t want to promote the fact he’s politically closer to bernie than biden—or else he may be touted for winning on more than ‘vibes.’