i feel like if i don’t talk about art more i’m going to just go insane listening to the radio & reading the news day in & day out—and this blog will inevitably become a nonstop maniacal rant about impending collapse.

at this point in american history, i’m not sure if art matters much—which is a completely different post—but it’s always good to admire substantial pieces of this moment that exist. this is especially true when art may help others contemplate this fucked up slice of time we’re experiencing without having a complete nervous breakdown.

this is great—two ten-minute spoken pieces by & an interview with karl holmqvist.

even though this recording was released two years ago, the two spoken-word / poems by holmqvist feel timeless. i’ve been listening to the basinski / schaefer collab lately & the vocalization he uses feels a lot like that methodology of tape-loops—slightly off-timed, shifting in and out of sync—but the poetry dynamic really takes it to another place. ‘another war is possible’ uses its length & repetitive style to really push the mind to an uncomfortable place—but that seems pretty on-point, given the subject matter.

‘numbers’ is more non-specific in its range of subjects but uses counting in a way that is equally methodical—it’s meditative yet abstract. these works don’t fear about introducing humor—not in a satirical way, but one where how the joy of life can be overwhelmed quite easily when all else is misery.