it’s incredible how the biden administration is running the narrative of the climate crisis. today, while praising the military, he said this little gem:

My message to all Americans is straightforward: We know hurricanes are coming our way. They grow more extreme every season thus far. Pay attention to the hurricane warnings. And, and, and — follow — follow the guidance of your local authorities.

this is hilariously dark, considering his clean energy plan to combat climate change was a two-trillion dollar investment into clean energy infrastructure over his first term. now it’s just, ‘wait it out, listen to your local authorities, good luck, we’ll send in the military.’

then again, should we have expected anything else? according to his covid response plan, unemployment benefits should not have been cut last september, given the daily average of new cases in the us hit 100,000 again yesterday—not including the amount of positive results for people who test at-home.

meanwhile, biden wants cities to use pandemic relief to fund the police. (i know when i think of public health, the lapd is the first organization that comes to mind. with only a $1.9 billion budget for 2022, it’s obvious they need the money.)

it’s not so much that i’m surprised by the inhumanity of the state, but more that anyone can support this administration at this point. the promises republicans make to the people may be horrifying, but at least they try & follow through with them. an enemy who says exactly how & why they want to destroy you is far better than an enemy that pretends to be a friend.