the best news this week remains the photograph of the black hole at the center of the milky way galaxy. being all of a day or two old, the article has completely vanished from the front pages of news sites. but it’s still the most important. at a time when very little in this world could be considered inspiring—lives spent adapting to the whims of those who believe the rest of us exist to rotate around their idea of existence—here’s this picture of what we’re actually all rotating around, reminding us we’re all the same, small, meaningless beings on a random-ass spinning rock.

now, i love space—if for no other reason than earth is terrible & i am much more of a the devil you don’t kind of person. but i also get a photo like this would be easy for most to disregard, as it’s a few thousand pixels representing something thirty-two million miles across, while the earth is all around us.

Sagittarius A* via Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration/National Science Foundation

i understand why the united states gives the department of defense $800 billion a year, but i’ll never get it. why men choose empire over exploration is absolutely beyond me. the traditions of war have long overstayed their welcome, but the state would rather invest in its ongoing pursuit than imagine an endeavor to truly lead the world.

how wonderful it would be to live in a world where all this infrastructure would be used for inspiration—from space exploration above down to food & shelter for all on earth. we can see the actual absence of light at the center of the galaxy, yet remain consciously tethered to the invented concept of money & the horrors of greed it creates.

yet here we remain, stuck to imagining what it would like to be inspired by the society we’re trapped in.