it has been a minute but rest assured i am very much alive—working feverishly on accurate representations & sobriety—hitting 120 days recently, working on a step or two—bottles of water now, mugs of tea, shots of espresso.

avoiding commentary on world events as there are too many disasters to preach relatively meaningless opinions about. everything is fucked.

humanity has untethered itself from the natural balances of the universe through their inventions—money, fake realities, the stock market, guns, corporations. at some point this will all come to pass. i only hope that point is soon & irreversable—a display of humanity through a collective action of self-preservation.

i wind through los angles but it spins around me—i have a place to live, but not a way to call it a home. but it is something i want for myself, and that is something new, an idea to consider in and of itself.

soon, things will change around here & until then i hope you are well—