at the beginning of the pandemic—nearly two full years ago, at this point—people were hoarding toilet paper. canned food. bottled water. preparations for the apocalypse.

certainly there’s been a fair amount of shade thrown their way in social discourse, with the opener of curb your enthusiasm‘s new season joining the fray. but beyond their retail panic lies a rather insidious & very american psychology: a fear of change.

doomsday prepping is nothing new—homes of any sort with some basement shelter full of the above (along with plenty of guns)—but what it indicates is a desire to preserve a very specific type of lifestyle. that come hell or high water, these people want a version of the united states they feel entitled to. one with abundant consumer goods, the personal freedoms white supremacy affords them, and a reason to fight literally anyone who threatens even the slightest desire to change any of these ideas in the slightest.

it’s not without irony that these people are waiting for the literal collapse of society as we know it but still have no desire to allow for change while it’s still around. it’s their way or the highway and they will drape themselves in the american flag until they have to burn it for heat. individual freedom to do … whatever … is the only thing that matters to them, and the only shift even debatable is one further into the right-wing that gives the people they hate less of that liberty.

there has to still be a two-car garage somewhere outside of tuscon filled to the brim with toilet paper. sure would be a shame if it caught on fire.