everything on the radio is a sales pitch for something—a political ideology, the entertainment industry, a whitewashed jesus & ignorance above all else. gods are inventions. what campaigns have you endorsed?

multi-million dollar developments are future shanty towns. innovation is stock market speculation. the inevitability of death is ignored in favor of the currency of murder. love is a brand of convenience covering up an interpretation. we only paint in shades of sorrow now.

luxury boutiques are temples. shopgirls preach the gospel while the slaves expand the reach of their words. purchasing is forgiveness. scripture is printed on receipts while the lies are lost in translation.

the sun exhausts itself as we spin ’round it, giving this dying world the heat which we use to burn it all to ash. the moon shivers in our transgressions, forced by those who call themselves kings—clenching their coins & smiling at the suffering they cause.

the anonymous masses are forced to live by the blades of evil & the hands which hold them. prayer in this world is practiced by the devil.