‘i was just calling you back,’ a dogwalker says to the sidewalk ahead. mayb i’ll blend in more now in all the times i talk to myself. the television says, ‘be yourself,’ but all these cars i pass driving through beverly hills look the same.

soon enough nationwide conversations will argue about the ‘lesser of two evils’ once again. the devil you know is the one in control. ‘family’ has become a slogan, a sales pitch for keeping neighbors competing & communities concerned primarily with property values—escaping poverty in exchange for your life spent selling the devil’s want to those waiting for a savior in the face of it all.

captain kirk communicated through his watch as well while saving entire populations—not making dinner reservations & furthering a mindless society to doom via the bland inventions of late stage capitalism. when i hear of bankers leaping to their deaths on wall street after losing it all, the only thought that crosses my mind is, ‘good. one less for the gallows or the guillotine.’