“if this wasn’t a comedy it’d be a tragedy” moment of the day—

the media had an attempt to rehabilitate the image of george w bush over the past few years, which is pretty hilarious given the dude is a war criminal who started a war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. meanwhile the fucker starts painting after & suddenly the mainstream accepts that as some sort of—i don’t know, apology? renewal?—i’m not sure what anyone involved is thinking, but it’s all absolute bullshit.

compare this to hitler, who started with painting & then went on to war crimes. i mean, both dudes lost the wars they started, had no regard for those they were killing & were largely celebrated by the population via the best propaganda outlets of their times. americans properly villainize hitler, but have somehow let bush just hang out on his ranch—even on the ‘left-leaning’ rachel maddow show.

hopefully once this empire falls there’ll be some sort of historical text that properly puts the bush/cheney act in its place, but my lord this country & its media are just so fucking atrocious in the face of basic humanity.