i don’t talk about politics much these days because most people seem pretty set in their lanes of belief & politicians have free reign to do about whatever the fuck they want. but the way that neoliberal capitalism has completely destroyed any sense of humanity in the usa can easily be found in places like this twitter thread—a collection of san francisco’s luxury storefronts boarded up due to the potential for smash & grab jobs.

the hilarious & tragic part of this thread is that the outcry is about luxury storefronts & not the fact a city in california has created such despair from income inequality that people walk down the street averting their eyes from the countless homeless camps & fellow humans in need. that ‘government incompetence’ is relating to crime against luxury brands while ignoring a city-wide humanitarian crisis that no elected official seems interested in doing anything about. even recent op-eds seem more concerned with john oliver’s take while passively observing the city’s grotesque history of letting people die in the street.

san francisco is the city that offered twitter tax breaks to stay downtown. it’s the one who coordinated with the fbi & dhs under obama to clear out the city’s occupy movement. it’s the one whose police chief currently favors prison terms for shoplifting & calls the DA trying to reduce poverty at a “root level” a “rogue.”

and so now individuals are taking pictures of the streets—not to call on the city government to protect people but luxury stores. more police for the wrong criminals. the real crime here is people failing to acknowledge that the houseless are humans, and the city’s irresponsibility is in protecting affluence above their ‘progressive’ agenda of helping those in need. stealing from corporations is never a bad thing, and at this point in a city of wealth protecting itself, breaking the windows of louis vuitton is only the beginning, and i’m here for it. it’s the most miserable city in the usa & has been for quite some time, awash in self-importance for developing an industry of solutionism as opposed to solving real problems.

it is far past time this city be thought of as ‘progressive’ by any consideration.