The most dangerous people in America right now are the ones who were confused & in despair when Donald Trump was elected and have been celebrating non-stop now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated, as these were the people who learned nothing. These people will allow the mechanics of power to continue with full support now that the person in charge isn’t a glowing billboard of all their problems.

There were a few who understood what was going on with Trump’s election, but most were just angry and in the streets. Some of them still are in the streets, but most of them are now at home, telling the others to get out of the streets while they celebrate: and those people are the truly dangerous ones. They are the ones who only believe in aligned violence, when action is not taken for the betterment of all but for the need to ease the anxiety of the self.

I saw this in full effect with the Occupy movement, and now the kids that joined up with BLM last year are about to see what happens when Democrats are in charge. As the United States is a culture about winning, the political motivation is only that. Political ambition is about getting the vote, not serving the people, and you can certainly expect with a pro-police administration, the leftist fight for equality in rights and economics for all is about to be put under a big, blue boot.

What liberals have had enough time for, though, is to adopt armchair, hashtag activism. Even though they’ve obviously abandoned #metoo, there’s now enough left-wing language within the popular media zeitgeist so rhetorical discourse can be staged and dismissed while b-roll footage of police beating people cuts across the screen. This will be increasingly difficult to deal with as people who are on the streets will feel gaslit by the political appropriation, and everyone’s just gonna get more fucking insane.

Which, of course, inevitably leads to anti-establishment populist types running for office. And we just had one, and liberals refuse to go the other way and elect Bernie Sanders, so I’m pretty sure that at some point we’re just going to end up with like The Rock as President. Or a rock. (I do honestly think some democrats would support an actual rock before they’d support socialism.)