a good indication of why the United States is where it’s at: whenever Donald Trump dies, and by whatever means, the media will write more about him—in one form or another—than it has or ever will about anyone who suffered or died under his term.

So long as power is celebrated for individualism, be they an Obama or a Trump, we’re going to have a country of people branding themselves for their own version of it. This isn’t the fault of politics, but probably the people for allowing everything to turn into a tabloid magazine.

—I’ve always had an issue with celebrity in general—it’s probably the weirdest, worst byproduct of the entertainment industry. power and influence that lacks any accountability (while, in most cases, it is utilized for that very reason) is a dangerous thing, because then you get people who realize that in the USA, celebrity becomes a buffer against responsibility, and then you get a game show host President finishing off the right-wing agenda the movie star one began fifty years prior—