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“Up There”

this is such a great listen for so many reasons. one, the entire Perseverance mission is such a trip. science, space, all these things are wonderful.

but really, just listen to the scientists. the chief engineer’s voice creaks with hope and passion at what lies within the possibility of all scientific discovery in talking about just what might be found in the dust.

it’s not that there isn’t, or can’t be, good news in the world, it’s that good news is usually reserved for advertising. (really: advertising is news, it’s news about a product. to balance all of the good news about products, journalism often skews negative; after all, government must be the problem, not consumerism.) focusing on wall street, and not science, is a choice that someone in media makes.

but i digress.

it’s absolutely wonderful to hear stories and exclamations like this, especially now, when honestly i would be just fine if they sent me to mars to look for life. it’s so close, a world where we would turn on the news and hear people talking with wonder and joy about signs of life from another star system. when the fuck was the last time a diplomat sounded like they cared about anything

“How We Talk About Power”

It blows my mind to listen to the radio and hear Adam Schiff making a case for AG in California. Not that I really care about his political ambitions, but the way the broadcast was scripted. “It’s an attractive position for ambitious democrats, as the last person to hold the seat was Kamala Harris…”

Like, we are reporting on how certain people look at positions of massive power and social importance the way a 19-year-old looks at a paid internship at a tech company. Ambition is one thing, but the Attorney General of California is the type of job people should be ambitious for.

What the news is ‘reporting’ is that Adam Schiff is working on his career moves, but what the broadcast actually says is Nobody cares about the heartless machine that is ruining untold amount of lives other than to use it for their own personal gain, and that’s how it is going to stay, so if you want to consider a life in politics, remember this is how our world works.

The guy hasn’t even announced he wants the job and they’re already talking about what he’ll do after he has it. When we talk about how the idea of privilege gets entrenched in social norms, we need to look at examples like this, where passive notes on the day are actually reinforcing established power. I mean, it’s not like there’s a fucking shortage of things to report on in the world or anything.


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