the CIA rebranded and I am just dumbfounded, but it’s about the only thing that has made me laugh out loud recently

The modern American interpretation of branding is something that I struggle with, because like many things in the US now, its definition is vague and generally misunderstood. Historically, branding has been the method which that by utilizing media and advertising, a faceless corporation can achieve humanist relationships with its consumers.

After enough of that, the logical counterweight happened: the people, infected by the fact our culture is nothing but a pit of vacuous shopping malls wrapped in glowing despair, began to brand ourselves to make ourselves appear more marketable & less human in this media-based society that values its systems more than its residents. (I would know, as I am one of them.)

& now instead of timeless, branding is trendy. It’s unfortunate because the idea of imagery to consistently represent an idea is as old as paint, but the United States takes that concept like everything else and makes it some contrived sales pitch to maintain market domination. Or, in the case of the CIA, to apparently start throwing raves at black sites.

One way or another, everything has felt the same for some time now, and now it’s all going to look the same. It not only doesn’t have to, but it shouldn’t. Omnipresence is what the decline of power looks like. Not that the CIA is going anywhere, but rather this over-designed, over-branded America has lost all significance to its visual languages because none of it represents anything honest and everybody knows it.

We’re in a real Emperor-has-no-clothes moment here.