Projects About

My first website was registered in January of 1999. I thought it was time to graduate from free sites with coding restrictions hosted on GeoCities to an actual domain name. I had two years of teaching myself how to code and interacting with what was at the time a very different internet. I was 16.

One could never really know how a thought might be altered by the subconscious, but over the past five years I have been increasingly concerned by this constant and ongoing influence. How many ideas have I favored or abandoned because of how it might look on the internet? After all, nothing in our time has been more important.

So the Mayday project is a distress call, and an abandoned ship. I wrote an album, and now I am ceasing online publication in all forms for one year. Additionally in my personal life I will be taking great efforts to reduce my time on the internet or in front of screens in general. All websites, social media and associated communications are hereby halted.

Thank you for all who want to look at my work otherwise, and if you'd like to get in touch I will be checking my e-mail daily.

this is as much a personal crisis as it is an art project, with my anxiety related to information exposure and the world over-reporting on panic.

even just being on the internet now is different: now there's a certain complicity in browsing, an understanding of being tracked for profit. there's just a nature of subjugation that the digital environment seems to be introducing more of over time, and i don't want any part of it right now.