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Gap Year Book Club

“Gap Year Book Club”

Publication series. 2021. Each of the 12 books is A5-sized (5.8x8.3 inches) with both color and black/white printing. Edition of 50. Printed by Conveyor.

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There is something to be said for the intention behind how one lives their life. For most of my life, I've had no idea how to define that ambition and so I largely made decisions based on what I knew I didn't want, as my goals were vague in simply just experience the world.

This isn't an easy way to live, though my privileges as being a white man in America certainly contributed to some of the opportunities I jumped at (and others that I rejected). But, after years of making choices based on what I didn't want, what I did began to materialize. By the fall of 2019, I'd found my way to a life that I both believed in and wanted to move forward with for the first time.

As they say, make a plan and God laughs.

A combination of bad choices and worse luck leading into 2020 at a personal level, which in and of itself became a global shit-show, seemed to continue throughout the year like I'd caught myself in some existential train wreck. By halfway through I'd moved away from everything in my life to Los Angeles like I was running from a burning building in the middle of the night.

2021 is bound to be a year in flux as the world attempts to recover from the pandemic and the United States exists in all sorts of disarray, and so I decided to embark on an existential gap year, using books as a way to process and cope with events in the past and present while forging ahead with new methods for known creative processes. This series, publishing one book each month through the year, will be the result of this endeavor.