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“First Friday”

Poster series. 2016-2019. CMYK, tabloid prints.

Additional Information

... it was a dead-end night in late fall, Drew and I drinking vodka at the back of the bar. We were lamenting the lack of ways to artistically interact with the community—or really, interact at all outside of drinking. That night we decided to do something about it.

The Warehouse was permitted for one night of beer and wine each month, and First Friday was born in December 2016 with our ragtag group of painters and musicians hoisting pieces around the unfinished walls, filling any space with art. Thursday night, we realized promoting the show might be a good idea. I drew up some handbills and the next morning Drew ran to the bars and cafes in the hood, leaving piles behind and stapling the rest to phone poles. The show was a labor, but in the end, a success.

This has been repeating every month since. Our process is refined and the promotions have been designed over a day in advance. It's still a lopsided affair, but one of the truest we've found.