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the race to be a clubhouse influencer aka the race to a future hell

clubhouse is cool and all, don’t get me wrong, but this is just the future now: every five or six years a new platform will come along for people to clamor to at the hope of a quick ticket to fame or any sort of income… wash, rinse, repeat

it’s this “first to market” concept that has just infected the psyche of americans, and the entire digital future is under the eye of these false gods, holding a dollar bill in front of a camera and seeing what someone will do for it

if money didn’t matter, that’s one thing. but this is just some form of cruelty, a planned technological shift in order to keep the growing masses of desperation as a potential customer / data insight set. it’s straight up inhuman.

because, to be honest, we could still do this type of shit if nobody had to worry about things like eating or keeping a roof over their head. we could still make dumb fucking communication variants that offer nothing of substance to the world, but we could first make sure parents can feed their children.

it’s always struck me as odd how all capitalists seem to envy ideas of legacy, and yet the greatest legacy ever (that of Christ) is the one of someone who wanted to help. no clue why these people don’t just feed the world and go down through eternity as the few who saved the many. instead they’re just going to be more assholes who thought they were gods.

I feel like not enough people appreciate the magnitude of what happened a year ago today.

Leading up to the Super Tuesday primaries of 2020, Bernie Sanders had won the first three national primaries—previously unheard of. The capitalists would not let him win. Michael Bloomberg launched a $400-million bid explicitly to stop Sanders; Elizabeth Warren stayed in the campaign after losing her home state (and subsequently dropped out right after Bernie lost Texas) to take as much of Sanders’ progressive liberal vote as possible. And that was that.

This is what power is. A couple people saying, “Fuck you and all the hope you stand for, we will not have a future without capitalism.” They are willing to kill millions of people to keep capitalism alive. And at some point, I have to hand it to them; you fight to win in this world, and they won. They sentenced so many people to ungodly amounts of pain and suffering, but their vision of How Things Should Be will remain How Things Are.

I don’t think there’s been a more politically significant day since Trump’s election, and there likely won’t be until the US government fails completely. If Trump’s election was the gut-shot warning to the United States that without a significant adjustment, late-stage capitalism would consume and destroy us all, then Super Tuesday was late-stage capitalism telling America that it was too fucking late to come around, and now you’re going to reap the political world you’ve sewn. Liberals may spit about January 6, but that’s because they need the optics of something to fear in order to remain true to the politics of the spectacle. In all reality, it’s complicity with a fascist machine.

U.S. foreign policy prioritization, summed up perfectly in four paragraphs about a State-sanctioned assassination; via NYT

We are in stages of psychotic absurdism in terms of international relationships and the fundamental idea of the definition and function of a state. Like, I’d never advocate for war, but isn’t when the leader of one country orders the murder of a citizen of another… I mean, after all the liberal prattle about accountability, Joe Biden passing this off as no big deal and will likely continue passive support of the Saudi war in Yemen (which was already horrific enough)…

I mean this is just days after the Syria shit, and the new migrant detention facilities for kids, and the fact we still have no fucking pandemic relief… my brain just breaks reading shit like this because we are being told, straight up, by the people in power, they do not give a shit and will not give a shit.

But taxes are due next month anyway.

Been thinking a lot about Star Trek and its origins. The universe of Picard has a distinct origin, which is humankind nearly wipes itself out in a nuclear World War III scenario. After near-extinction, humanity was able to move beyond the corruption of government brought on by money, and self-govern with the well-being of all as a cornerstone of what would eventually grow to the galaxy-spanning Federation of planets.

I think this is an important idea to consider in this moment as we’re seeing private companies controlled by people who have demonstrated they lack any sense of compassion for human life take their fortunes toward space. The systems, ideas and structures that got Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to where they are in the world are evil, brutal and arcane methods of thinking that have absolutely no right to leave this planet, much less be representative of an ‘enlightened’ species.

If the white-supremacy-oriented traditions of Earth-based exploration—a past which tends to repeat massacre, enslavement, & colonization—are how we approach the future, if we do not re-imagine how we care for each other outside of the terms of capitalism, then we don’t just fuck humanity for all-time, but anything else our species encounters. The scope and scale to which these inhumane systems will grow—I mean we’re ‘seeing’ it in the growth of Google and Amazon over the past two decades—is unfathomable to our present moment. It’s a big question, how to do this, and the only solution Star Trek provided was nuclear holocaust.

At this point, everything feels a lot less like Star Trek and a lot more like Alien, where capitalism is this perfect hunter that will destroy any life it encounters for what resources it uses, and we all must fight like mad—and likely die horribly in the process—to keep it from leaving the planet’s surface, or it will spread through this galaxy like a plague. And to anyone who thinks it won’t, look at what we’re doing to our own fucking planet, just so a few people can live in a bigger house.

Seems to me the only capitalism we should have in space is putting all these fucks in a rocket and shooting it into the sun. It can have leather seats, though, so they can feel comfortable on the way to death, sort of like handing out a $1200 check in a pandemic.

the Biden administration can’t send financial relief (or raise the minimum wage), but they can bomb Iran by way of Syria, which hits like three squares on liberal bingo.

the kicker is that the democrats could have passed the minimum wage increase if they wanted to—

since the United States lacks a coherent political left, I’ve been pretty kind for the past five elections or so (at least until 2020) in that I completely ignore people who tell me democrats have my best interests at heart; from here on out it’s brutal honesty for anyone supporting liberalism

like within one day they launched a vaguely-legal attack on a sovereign nation and are “following procedure” to keep money out of the pockets of people

the amount of pain felt for the past year throughout this country was, until now, unimaginable to most. and now these wretched excuses for public servants haggle over handing out scraps while ordering air strikes overseas. i don’t want to call this behavior criminal because it shouldn’t be even in the realm of conversation—the absolute inhumanity on display in this one news cycle is fucking staggering. this is day 39.

i’m not surprised, but while people may have not liked the visage of trump in office, at least when you have the literal devil in the white house it’s a reminder of how evil the state is.


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